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[quote]”Es ist Ostern, jedes Mal wenn du dich selbst tötest und wiederauferstehst, eingehüllt in neuem Licht”. (Anna Maria D’Alò)[/quote] Ostern ist nicht nur ein Fest für Christen, sondern eine allgemeine

[quote]”It’s Easter every time you die to yourself and reborn wrapped in a new light”. (Anna Maria D’Alo)[/quote] Easter is not only a feast for the christians but a universal

[quote]”Man is like a tree, and in every winter inside him the spring levitates and brings new leaves and new strenght”. (Vasco Pratolini)[/quote] And so, without having the time to

Macerata is a magical city that it rises on a hill between the sea and mountains and often gives picturesque scenery to admire. So it can happen to see a

  The gaze, as soon as found a passage, quickly go away, with the immediacy of a submerged body that comes to the surface, until the Gran Sasso mountain Guido

  [quote]”Begins with the snow, the story that talks about you” (Julie Myerson)[/quote] Sometimes it is nice to remain in silence and to observe from the top of the highest

  [quote]The Holy House of Loreto is the first Sanctuary of an international scope dedicated to the Virgin and the true Marian heart of Christianity. (John Paul lI)[/quote] For believers

La Santa Casa di Loreto è il primo Santuario di portata internazionale dedicato alla Vergine e vero cuore mariano della cristianità. (San Giovanni Paolo II)   Per i credenti di

  [quote]”Every tree, every part of every tree has its own special destiny, something inside that is waiting to become something else.”(G. Nakashima)[/quote] A tree is not just a tree,

  [quote]”In no Central Apennines point the bunch of parallel chains of the peninsula has a compactness and a majesty, I daresay Alpine, as in Sibillini” (Cesare Lippi-Boncampi)[/quote] The Sibillini