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Ostern im Schnee

[quote]”Es ist Ostern, jedes Mal wenn du dich selbst tötest und wiederauferstehst, eingehüllt in neuem Licht”. (Anna Maria D’Alò)[/quote] Ostern ist nicht nur ein Fest für Christen, sondern eine allgemeine Botschaft des Friedens und der Hoffnung für die ganze Welt. Ostern bedeutet zu neuem Leben wiedergeboren zu werden, trotz aller Zweifel, aller Schwierigkeiten, aller Sorgen und Ängste unseres Daseins.In diesem Jahr ist, plötzlich und völlig unerwartet, ein paar Tage vor Ostern in unseren Bergen Schnee gefallen. Ein weißer Schleier zum…

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The Easter snow

[quote]”It’s Easter every time you die to yourself and reborn wrapped in a new light”. (Anna Maria D’Alo)[/quote] Easter is not only a feast for the christians but a universal message of peace and hope to the whole world. Easter means a new life over the doubts, the difficulties, the anxieties and fears of our existences. This year the snow has fallen, almost suddenly and totally unexpected, in our mountains a few days before Easter. A white veil to be…

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Olive trees in early spring

[quote]”Man is like a tree, and in every winter inside him the spring levitates and brings new leaves and new strenght”. (Vasco Pratolini)[/quote] And so, without having the time to taste the cold of winter, one of the least hard of all time, Spring is already here, and, with her, the nature awakens from its lethargy, giving to the world sounds, smells and colors that anticipate the summer. In this picture two secular olive trees warming in the sun, surrounded…

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Macerata, like a mirage

Macerata is a magical city that it rises on a hill between the sea and mountains and often gives picturesque scenery to admire. So it can happen to see a part of the old town emerge from ethereal light fog in the morning, as if it were sustained by the branches of trees in the foreground. In this photo immutable beauty of Macerata, the historic city at the center and in the heart of the Marches.     Title: Macerata,…

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Group of the Gran Sasso mountain seen from afar

  The gaze, as soon as found a passage, quickly go away, with the immediacy of a submerged body that comes to the surface, until the Gran Sasso mountain Guido Piovene   Le Marche is an infinite region. In this land, your look can easily run along his characteristic territories, and go even further, until the not too far Abruzzo region. Just find a shiny third day, a good observation point and enjoy the show. In this infographic all the…

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From the Park of San Ginesio

  [quote]”Begins with the snow, the story that talks about you” (Julie Myerson)[/quote] Sometimes it is nice to remain in silence and to observe from the top of the highest hill, with a heart in peace and the soul listening, the extraordinary beauty of the nature. The mountains, like huge cathedrals of rock and snow, are watching us from afar and, between wind hisses and the changing colors of the sunset, they always seem to wanting to suggest something to…

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Basilica of the Holy House of Loreto

  [quote]The Holy House of Loreto is the first Sanctuary of an international scope dedicated to the Virgin and the true Marian heart of Christianity. (John Paul lI)[/quote] For believers of the Christian faith but also for lovers of culture, art and spirituality, the Marche region keep an unmissable place to visit at least once in life: Loreto. This small village in the province of Ancona is in fact famous for being the venue of the Holy House of Nazareth,…

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La piazza della basilica della Santa Casa di Loreto

La Santa Casa di Loreto è il primo Santuario di portata internazionale dedicato alla Vergine e vero cuore mariano della cristianità. (San Giovanni Paolo II)   Per i credenti di fede cristiana ma anche per gli amanti dell’arte e della spiritualità, le Marche custodiscono un luogo imperdibile da visitare almeno una volta nella vita: Loreto. Questo piccolo borgo in provincia di Ancona è infatti famoso per essere la sede della Santa Casa di Nazareth, dove visse in giovinezza Gesù. L’antica…

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Lonely Tree

  [quote]”Every tree, every part of every tree has its own special destiny, something inside that is waiting to become something else.”(G. Nakashima)[/quote] A tree is not just a tree, its trunk may become a refuge for the animals of the earth and its branches can host nests for the birds of the sky or generate fruits that become food for the life of the planet. A tree may become fire and also warm the coldest and darkest night, and,…

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The Sibillini Mountains Peaks (Infographic)

  [quote]”In no Central Apennines point the bunch of parallel chains of the peninsula has a compactness and a majesty, I daresay Alpine, as in Sibillini” (Cesare Lippi-Boncampi)[/quote] The Sibillini Mountains are an Apennine mountain range that rises in the heart of Italy between the Marche and Umbria. Since ancient times these places are related to myths, legends and tales of mystery and magic that have enhanced the charm and beauty. The Sibillini are also the fourth mountain range in…

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