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The Aeneid Salon

  [quote]“Le Marche is an open book of Art History. Each school of painting is present, the greatest artists of their time they arrived in the Marche and it was like a homecoming. Because in the Marche it is like feeling at home.” (Vittorio Sgarbi)[/quote] In Macerata, in the central Palazzo Buonaccorsi, a museum of great historical and artistic value now open to the public, you can admire a small, colorful and surprising gem of eighteenth-century art: the Aeneid Salon.…

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The rainbow of Valentine’s Day

  [quote]“And if the sun can donate to the sky its most beautiful rainbow only after a storm, even life, maybe, mistreats us a bit in order to offer something valuable.” (Laura Tangorra)[/quote] Maybe, and quite rightly, these days in mid-February could be remembered as “rainbow days.” This colorful and fascinating atmospheric phenomenon, thanks to a bizarre weather, appeared a bit everywhere throughout our territory, reaching its peak on Sunday, as though to greet the lovers for the Valentine’s Day.…

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Garibaldi, the hero of two worlds

  [quote]”Farewell Maceratesi, You have deserved that we divide ourselves, moved and grateful. Saddened soul from distancing us as dear friends, we direct you the word of love and brotherhood; we start moved by your affection … and we will reciprocate with the dedication of the first feat of arms which can be said of the legion who has deserved the fatherland. Goodbye!” (Giuseppe Garibaldi)[/quote] In January 1849 Giuseppe Garibaldi, “the hero of two worlds” who unified Italy, stayed for…

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Snowy view on San Vicino mountain

  [quote]If San Vicino puts the hat, sell the goats and buy the umbrella. If San Vicino puts the pants, sell umbrella and buy the goats.” (Proverb)[/quote] Le Marche is a fascinating and mysterious italian region, full of myths, legends, proverbs and folk tales that the elders of the villages, scattered in the mountains and hills of the territory, are handed down from time immemorial. A saying in particular, related to the first snow on San Vicino mountain, seems to…

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Snapchat per fotografi. Un’idea di utilizzo.

Snapchat, questo sconosciuto La domanda che da qualche tempo mi gira in testa è: si può conciliare la fotografia con gli strumenti di comunicazione moderni e di tendenza come Snapchat? A prima vista la risposta sembrerebbe di sì, sopratutto se parliamo di fotografia effimera ed estemporanea come amano intenderla sopratutto i teenagers, e qui il pensiero va sopratutto ai famosi selfie. In effetti, se da una parte i social network e le nuove tecnologie mobili hanno permesso a milioni di…

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Golden sunrays of autumn

[quote]”The month was October, a month of days that are getting shorter but of golden light from sunrise to sunset. There was not much time before the winter, and he began to putting down roots.” (Elisabeth de Waal)[/quote] October, in its continuous alternation of hot sun and heavy rainstorms, is probably the month of the year too much closest to the human soul. Its also the month where symbolically life ends and in which, in its golden light, nature begins…

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The “littorina” in october countryside

[quote]”Every hundred feet the world changes”. (Roberto Bolaño)[/quote] We reached the middle of autumn and it is time to return to follow our nice “littorina” in the green countryside of Macerata. The news is that in the meantime the old regional trains was replaced with other more modern, fast and functional convoy (called “Swing”), but fortunately some “historical” model is still circulating. This picture required a long ambush between the dense vegetation that runs along State Road 77.    …

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Three peaks, three towers

[quote]”It was October 9. The air was cold, the sky very blue, one of those days you would pour into a glass and drink in one breath.” (Åsa Larsson)[/quote] The sun rises over the hills asleep of Le Marche, illuminating with his usual vibrant intensity another autumn day. I shoot this picture this morning in that wonderful natural balcony which is the territory of Pollenza. Curiosity: the three peaks of trees in the foreground seem to want to imitate the…

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Palazzo Buonaccorsi Courtyard

“Macerata is different from many other beautiful and ancient Italian city. It has something more: it helps to think. Along its narrow and difficult streets, almost all uphill, you breathe a good cultural air” (Candido Bonvicini) Located in the heart of the city of Macerata, the eighteenth-century Palazzo Buonaccorsi, since 1967 property of the Municipality, today houses the surprising museum of the carriage, the wonderful collections of ancient and modern art and the precious Aeneid Salon. Refined, well maintained and…

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Sunset rainbow at the pier of Civitanova Marche

“Like the sea at night, when he is silent.” (Nevio Nigro) Have you ever been in the seashore in the evening, watching the sun at sunset? Or in the pier between the boats and fishing vessels which fall at dusk in the port after a long, hard day at work? They are extraordinary moments where creation seems to hold its breath, as if to prepare himself to dive into the long and silent night that is coming. And are moments…

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