The Macerata countryside between August and September

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“We are nature. Learn to read his mood swings and you will learn to read yourself.” (Sergio Bambarén)

This is the beautiful countryside of Macerata as it appears in that period of time ranging from summer to fall. A time of year, fleeing and special in which Nature is preparing to change their clothes, leaving us for a while ‘in the company of summer. In this light and pleasant summer air of september, you breathe the principle of a new beginning that will change colors quickly, then make the leaves fall from the trees and later open the gates to the General winter.

This picture was taken with a telezoom, on a panoramic hill near Cingoli, with a focal length of 270mm.

Location: Cingoli countryside
Shared on: Instagram, Flickr


The Macerata countryside between August and September - Gianluca Storani Photography


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