Basilica of the Holy House of Loreto

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[quote]The Holy House of Loreto is the first Sanctuary of an international scope dedicated to the Virgin and the true Marian heart of Christianity. (John Paul lI)[/quote]

For believers of the Christian faith but also for lovers of culture, art and spirituality, the Marche region keep an unmissable place to visit at least once in life: Loreto. This small village in the province of Ancona is in fact famous for being the venue of the Holy House of Nazareth, where Jesus lived in his youth. The ancient Basilica, which hosts this precious architectural relic, is the center of the elegant square where you can find to his sides, between statues and fountains, the Apostolic Palace and the Palace Illyrian.

In this photo the beautiful square in front of the Basilica of the Holy House photographed on a sunny day in all its glory.


Title: Basilica of the Holy House
Luogo: Loreto
Data: 21 February 2016
Album: Discovering Marche
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Gianluca Storani Photo Art
Basilica of the Holy House

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