Group of the Gran Sasso mountain seen from afar

quoteThe gaze, as soon as found a passage, quickly go away, with the immediacy of a submerged body that comes to the surface, until the Gran Sasso mountain
Guido Piovene


Le Marche is an infinite region. In this land, your look can easily run along his characteristic territories, and go even further, until the not too far Abruzzo region. Just find a shiny third day, a good observation point and enjoy the show.

In this infographic all the sparkling beauty of the Gran Sasso d’Italia, approached with a telephoto lens from the ancient walls of Macerata, Le Marche region. In the foreground the village of Petriolo and then gradually the wonderful hills that slope down until the higher mountain massif of the continental Apennines.


Group of the Gran Sasso mountain

Date: 21 February 2016
Location: Le Marche, Italy

Group of the Gran Sasso mountain - Gianluca Storani Photo Art (ID:2-4668)



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