The Monti della Laga from Macerata

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[quote]”My house is small, but its windows are opened on an endless world.” (Confucio)[/quote]

When, after the Mount Vettore and the massif of the Sibillini, the eye moves towards to the south and the mountains free up the view on the endless territories who look at the Abruzzi, it is there that, even before the majestic Gran Sasso, arise the Monti della Laga, a fascinating and sinuous mountain complex, between Abruzzo, Marche and Lazio, that in the brighter days emerge from the horizon in all their beauty.

In this infographic all the wonder of the Monti della Laga approached using a telephoto lens from Macerata.


Title: The Monti della Laga from Macerata
Date: 2 March 2016
Location: Macerata
Album: Infotografic
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Gianluca Storani Photo Art
The Monti della Laga from Macerata

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