Palazzo Buonaccorsi Courtyard

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“Macerata is different from many other beautiful and ancient Italian city. It has something more: it helps to think. Along its narrow and difficult streets, almost all uphill, you breathe a good cultural air” (Candido Bonvicini)

Located in the heart of the city of Macerata, the eighteenth-century Palazzo Buonaccorsi, since 1967 property of the Municipality, today houses the surprising museum of the carriage, the wonderful collections of ancient and modern art and the precious Aeneid Salon. Refined, well maintained and well cared for, in the scenic courtyard of the palace there are three statues of Istrian stone representing Hercules triumphant, sculpted by Giovanni Bonazza.

This picture was taken with the intent to capture the atmosphere of the whole courtyard, as it appears to the visitor once crossed the entrance of the Palace


Location: Macerata
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