A snow-white moon illuminates Recanati

foto del giorno

[quote]”Perhaps, if I had wings,
To fly above clouds,
And count stars one by one,
Or wander from crest to crest like a thunder,
I would be happier, sweet flock of mine,
I would be happier, snow-white moon”.
(Giacomo Leopardi)[/quote]

Does not happen every day to remain enchanted by the beauty of the moon passing through the silent city of Recanati. If you stop listening to the silence and to admire the landscapes, we find that the same places that inspired the great poet Giacomo Leopardi still retain the same charm and the same striking beauty of centuries ago. Recently Recanati decided to run to become the “Capital of Italian culture 2018”, a prestigious award that would deserve to receive.

In this photo the full moon that illuminates and observes from above the city of Recanati, in a evening in late February 2016.


Title: snow-white moon
Date: 21 February 2016
Location: Recanati
Album: Discovering Le Marche
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Gianluca Storani Photo Art
snow-white moon

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