Solitary tree on the road to the mountains

The loneliness, for many people is the drama of life, however the happiest people i have known, were loners.” (Jacques Chardonne)

The mountains are simple and special places where you can experience moments of peace and absolute serenity in the company of nature and of themselves. In the silence of the highlands, in the faint rustle of the trees caressed by the wind, in the incessant flow of young torrents towards the valley, in the song of the animals of the forest, the human being in this environment can find harmony with creation and raise theirthoughts, finding himself and inner balance, that has lost. Not surprisingly, from the saints to the poets, it is precisely in the mountains who settled many extraordi nary men of our history.

This photo was taken “on the fly” along one of the many roads that lead in the highlands of Macerata. Immediately this tree jumped to my eyes, lonely but proud, located almost on the edge of the world, with blue mountains in the background.

Un albero solitario
Fotografo: Gianluca Storani | Data: 1 Luglio 2015 | Soggetto: Paesaggio | Luogo di scatto: Cupi di Visso | Cod. 1-2548


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