Sunset over Macerata

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[quote]”Above all of them the sunset went down, and the air, somehow, had the flavour of licorice.” (G. Fontana)[/quote]

The flavor of life is in the sun that goes down, in the last rays of light that colors the horizon red, in the clouds that ripple the sky before it becomes dark, in the noise of the day that slowly give way to the sounds of the night, in thoughts that slightly slow down and get ready to embrace the silent night, in the motionless profile of our cities.

In this photo the city of Macerata enveloped by the intense colors of the sunset when the sun has just come down below the horizon and the day is giving way to night.


Title: Sunset over Macerata
Date: 26 January 2016
Location: Macerata
Album: Macerata di bellezza
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Gianluca Storani Photo Art
Sunset over Macerata

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Nice capture
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