Sunset rainbow at the pier of Civitanova Marche

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“Like the sea at night, when he is silent.” (Nevio Nigro)

Have you ever been in the seashore in the evening, watching the sun at sunset? Or in the pier between the boats and fishing vessels which fall at dusk in the port after a long, hard day at work? They are extraordinary moments where creation seems to hold its breath, as if to prepare himself to dive into the long and silent night that is coming. And are moments that, accompanied by the eternal movement of the sea, paint the sky of soft, intense and magical rainbow colors.

In this photo we are in the northern pier of Porto Civitanova Marche. At the center of the image, the unmistakable silhouette of the Mount Conero when is going to be enveloped in darkness.


Location: Porto Civitanova Marche
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