The abbey of Chiaravalle in Fiastra

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Based on a previous church dating back to the ninth century, the Abbey of Fiastra is one of the finest and best preserved monuments of Cistercian architecture in Italy and the most important monastic building of the Marches. The Cistercians, arrived in this place between Fiastra and Chienti rivers in 1142 from the monastery of Chiaravalle in Milan, devoted themselves to the land reclamation at that time marshy and uncultivated and to the construction of the abbey with a transitional style from Romanesque to Gothic, also using materials coming from the ruins of the nearby roman town Urbs Salvia, destroyed by Alaric between 408 and 410 and then abandoned.

In this photo the abbey of Fiastra view from the front garden of the structure on a hot day in August of 2015.


Title: The abbey of Chiaravalle in Fiastra
Date: 22 August 2015
Location: Urbisaglia
Album: Churches and bell towers of the Marche
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Gianluca Storani Photo Art
The abbey of Chiaravalle in Fiastra

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Seems like a good place to visit! Nice picture
Heike R. ( via Facebook )



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