The high valleys of the Potenza and the Mount San Vicino

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After admiring and annotated the names of the main mountains in the south of the high valley of the Potenza, today is the turn of the Mount San Vicino and Treia highlands, observed from Macerata. As you can see the mountain conformation is such that the Apennine massif is largely covered by the numerous and green hills that rise above the beautiful town of Treia. Despite this Monte San Vicino stands at the center of the image, with its incofondibile shape.

In this photo the northern massif of the group of Mount San Vicino and most of the Treia highlands, that go from Monte Verde to the so-called “Roccacia” or Rocca di Monte Acuto, a charming and mysterious fortification which marks the border between the territories of Treia and Tracks.


Title: The high valleys of the Potenza II
Data: 2 March 2016
Location: Macerata
Album: Infotographic of the Marche
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The high valleys of the Potenza II

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