The Aeneid Salon

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[quote]“Le Marche is an open book of Art History. Each school of painting is present, the greatest artists of their time they arrived in the Marche and it was like a homecoming. Because in the Marche it is like feeling at home.” (Vittorio Sgarbi)[/quote]

In Macerata, in the central Palazzo Buonaccorsi, a museum of great historical and artistic value now open to the public, you can admire a small, colorful and surprising gem of eighteenth-century art: the Aeneid Salon. Finely decorated and enriched in every detail according to the ornamental style of the most magnificent Rococo, was assigned by the same Buonaccorsi to artists of various schools of Italy, with the purpose of tell the story of Aeneas interpreted in mythical key, in order to offer visitors the fantastic vision of a lost world.

In this photo all the blazing beauty of the Aeneid salon.


Title: Aeneid salon
Location: Macerata, Palazzo Buonaccorsi
Date: 15 August 2015
Album: Macerata di bellezza
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Gianluca Storani Photo Art
The Aeneid Salon

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