The colors of the flowering of Castelluccio

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quote “there are flowers everywhere for who is able to see them.” (Matisse)

Castelluccio is a magical and enchanted place, unique in the world, located in the heart of the Valnerina and inside the National Park of the Sibillini Mountains; is positioned at the top of a small hill and in the middle of a vast highland which includes the Pian Grande, the Pian Piccolo and the Pian Perduto, upon which dominates the massive Mount Vettore. Between June and July, this picturesque little village turns into a blaze of colourful shades: it is the so-called ‘Fioritura’ of Castelluccio in which thousands of flowers bloom in succession, coloring the plateau of yellow, green, red, white, blue and purple which are the colors of lentils, mustard, cornflowers, daisies, pansies, poppies, daffodils, buttercups, clover and others, arranged in an incredible and festive mosaic.

In this photo, the colors of Castelluccio during the flowering, captured in the early afternoon of 5 July 2016 at the beginning of Pian Grande and at the bottom of the small village.


Title: The colors of the flowering of Castelluccio
Data: 5 July 2016
Luogo: Castelluccio di Norcia
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Gianluca Storani Photo Art
The colors of the flowering of Castelluccio

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