Golden sunrays of autumn

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[quote]”The month was October, a month of days that are getting shorter but of golden light from sunrise to sunset. There was not much time before the winter, and he began to putting down roots.” (Elisabeth de Waal)[/quote]

October, in its continuous alternation of hot sun and heavy rainstorms, is probably the month of the year too much closest to the human soul. Its also the month where symbolically life ends and in which, in its golden light, nature begins to put down new roots before the arrival of the Big Chill.

Here we are in a crest overlooking the Castle of Pitino. Its the first time i publish a picture of this lonely and charming place that dominates the Valley of Potenza.


Title: Golden sunrays of autumn
Date: October 2015
Location: Macerata
Album: The landscapes of Le Marche
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Gianluca Storani Photo Art
Raggi dorati su Pitino



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