Lonely Tree

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[quote]”Every tree, every part of every tree has its own special destiny, something inside that is waiting to become something else.”(G. Nakashima)[/quote]

A tree is not just a tree, its trunk may become a refuge for the animals of the earth and its branches can host nests for the birds of the sky or generate fruits that become food for the life of the planet. A tree may become fire and also warm the coldest and darkest night, and, thanks to the work of the human being, he can turn into tables, chairs, beds, books, become houses or precious violins. A tree is not just a tree. And, a bit like him, we are also waiting to know our special destiny.

In this photo a lonely tree on top of a hill at the beginning of 2016. Can you see, a heart on the inside?


Title: Lonely Tree
Location: Macerata
Data: 13 January 2016
Album: Macerata Countryside
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Gianluca Storani Photo Art
Albero solitario

ID: 2-2006



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