The rainbow of Valentine’s Day

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[quote]“And if the sun can donate to the sky its most beautiful rainbow only after a storm, even life, maybe, mistreats us a bit in order to offer something valuable.” (Laura Tangorra)[/quote]

Maybe, and quite rightly, these days in mid-February could be remembered as “rainbow days.” This colorful and fascinating atmospheric phenomenon, thanks to a bizarre weather, appeared a bit everywhere throughout our territory, reaching its peak on Sunday, as though to greet the lovers for the Valentine’s Day.

In this photo the rainbow appears in all its splendor. In the background the Valley of Potenza.


Titolo: The rainbow of Valentine’s Day
Luogo: Macerata
Data: 12 February 2016
Album: The landscapes of Le Marche
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Gianluca Storani Photo Art
The rainbow of Valentine’s Day

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